Holiday shoppers beware. A scam on Craigslist is offering authentic NFL jerseys at bargain prices. The only problem is the jerseys aren't authentic.This is the biggest time of the year to buy authentic Cheap NFL jerseys, but it's hard to tell which are real and which are counterfeit.The owner of Uniform Sports at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets is taking matters into his own hands. He saw sales ads on Craigslist for "authentic" NFL jerseys. The deals appeared too good to be true. That's why the owner of Uniform Sports put up his own ad warning people to steer clear.Uniform Sports salespeople say instead of lasting ten seasons, the counterfeit jerseys might last only one wash."A lot of times, a person, if they wash it once or twice, then the letters are going to bubble and the string you can see hanging from the side of the name or the number of the stitching," said Uniform Sports salesperson Angel Rivas, Jr.The sellers of fake goods can face misdemeanor or even felony charges. Police say counterfeit sellers also tend to avoid paying taxes and could use your money for other criminal ventures.Jerseys aren't the only items on the black market. Police warn of other, more dangerous items for sale."If we're talking food or pharmaceutical products or even perfumes or cosmetic type products, the safety of the consumer could be at stake," said Metro Police Officer Laura Meltzer.Experts say to watch for signs a jersey is not authentic. Make sure the name is centered, and the numbers should be the same size.Nike, meanwhile, is making Nike NFL jerseys this year. The company has added some new designs that make it much harder to counterfeit.
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